So, recently I`ve been using 1 monitor for 2 PC using CPU changer desain by Sanwa Supply, and I got a week problem when I wanted to use this 1 monitor with my Macbook and my PC.

Finally found the solution this morning!

1. Connect the PC1 input to the Macbook monitor connector, don`t forget to also attach the USB cable

2. Connect the PC2 input to the PC monitor connector, also the USB cable.

We might need another device to connect the monitor connection with the monitor input device of our Mac/PC.

3. Connect the mouse and keyboard, base on the figure written (mouse port for mouse, keyboard port for keyboard, check in below the CPU changer)

4. Double tap “control” in the keyboard, to change between monitor. we can the the light in the CPU changer indicate which port is active (PC1 or PC2)

5. If you Mac doesn`t automatically detect the monitor, go to “System preferences”, click “Displays” icon, then click “Detect Displays”.

It run for me ^o^/