A 2 days late posting, 13 March today ..

11 March 2011, was a warm sunny day.. we were attending an international workshop on subduction zone in Tokyo, and the kids are watching movie under the table, when we were shocked by the giant megaquake, at that time, really a nonstop shaking for the whole day and night. Minutes after the shaking, we got the epicenter location, M7 at first estimation, and alert about tsunami. Half an hour later, we got correction that the magnitude was 8.8. and that night, another update that it was M9, and all TV stations are already reporting all the tsunami videos..

I still remember clearly, 26 December 2004, I was at home with my newborn Zahra-chan, 2 months at that time. In the morning news, there was a breaking news of a big earthquake in Aceh. Not clear the size, no information about the tsunami yet. 1 or 2 days after, the TV shows us that everything has gone. just gone. flat. all those debris.. cry and tears.. really, Indonesia Menangis. Almost a week, we got an amateur video broadcast on TV- about the tsunami wave.. something out of our imagination.

On the workshop at 11.03.11, still focusing on Sumatra, I`m sure everyone there, even they know exactly that Japan is routinely hit by tsunami, they think they never be hit by same-size earthquake as sumatra. BUT, it did hit Japan.

Japan has show however, even they said thay fail, but they did save a lot of people. They did gave the warning. They have all the emergency response. They can give emergency food to them who are trap outside, in stations and  so on. The shinkansen stop. The buildings are strong to shaking, even though not to tsunami. People, especially students, know where to run to escape… they save 90% of the people living in the whole affected area…


11 March 2012, was also a warm sunny day, we took a family bicycle around nearby lake, looking at the calm wave. Feeling the wind and the sun shine.

“Zahra, today, last year was the earthquake you fear”.

She remember, how scared it was. And she know, it can happen again.. here in Japan, in Indonesia.. and somewhere else..

That night, snow was falling. Mid march, but snow fall in central Japan, as if it make us even more close to last year. Snow fall in the sky of Tohoku, after that earthquake. cold.. they must feel really cold..


Living a long subduction zone, we never know.. Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Philippine, Japan, Kamchatka, Alaska, Cascadia, Chile, Latin America, New Zealand, Mediterania..
It will never stop, cause it`s part of the dynamic of the earth, to keep earth live and balance..
we shall remember, and get prepare to leave together with the nature..
14:46, a 1 minute sirene accompany people of Japan to remember all the victims, and the wave…
Some photos, 1 year recovery
Official documentation