GMT uses the standard 35 fonts that come with most PostScript laserwriters. If your printer does not support some of these fonts, it will automatically substitute the default font (which is usually Courier). The following is a list of the GMT fonts:


Figure: The standard 35 PostScript fonts recognized by GMT.

For the special fonts Symbol (12) and ZapfDingbats (34), see the octal charts in Appendix F. When specifying fonts in GMT, you can either give the entire font name orjust the font number listed in this table. To change the fonts used in plotting basemap frames, see the man page for gmtdefaults. For direct plotting of text-strings, see the man page for pstext. To add additional fonts that you may have purchased or that are available at your institution, see instructions in the CUSTOM_font_info.d under theshare/pslib directory.