From Mas Endra, to all-center mailing list of RSVD.

1. Until today, people died due to Pyroclastic flows which now in Dr.
Sardjito Hospital in Yogyakarta are 88 people.
35 are man, 35 are woman, 11 are children, and 7 are unknown.
2. Merapi continuously to erupt, and safe radius are now 20 km from Merapi.
3. Yogyakarta International airport (Adisutjipto) are closed, due to ash on
its runway.
4. Volcanic ash are up to Bogor, which is about 300km west side of Merapi,
but not in Jakarta
5. Refugee are until Magelang, which is 50km North Yogyakarta.
Magelang is my hometown, and my family still live there.
According to my mother, rice and vegetables are hard to find in this town,
since most off the time volcanic ash are coming down.
Some places, at night there are no electricity.
6. On top of Merapi, crater has been created which diameter is 400 meter.
7. President are monitoring directly and stayed in Yogyakarta.
8. Some of International flight are canceled or delayed to and from Jakarta.
9. At 18.00 Japan Time, lava are coming down to 3 direction, South, South
East and North West

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