Today is the opening of Jica 2010 training in

“Operating Management of Earthquake, Tsunami, and Volcano Observation System”

The 5th one! waw.. time pass sooo fast!! My memory returns back to my first experience in Japan with the first Jica participants, when looking at slide by Kimata Sensei, showing all Jica participants in the last 4 years (

This times, the 6 participants are from Venezuela (Miguel-san), Indonesia (Ajat-san), Phillipine (Margi-san), Myanmar (Htet-san), Pakistan (Zahid-san) as can be seen sitting from left to right. One more participant is from Kenya (Josphat-san), who hasn`t arrived yet, due to other workshop in Europe. This year will be assisted by me, Endra and Ampana. with  new Jica coordinator: Mirashima-san.

Hope to have good time! 🙂