I spend 4 days to understand how to upgrade fink and GMT. (GMT is updated through fink). Thanx for Adhitya who helped me a lot today from France!

First of all, we have to make sure we already have the updated XCode.

Than, this is the detail:

Download and follow all step in:


Use X11 for this. I put fink directly under Macintosh Harddisk.

and.. what make it finally work is:

1. Use “sudo” (act as root)

2. Delete folder /sw/ if it existed

This is what to type and some of what will appear in X11:

# sudo tar -xvzf fink-0.29.10.tar.gz

# sudo ./bootstrap

OK, I’ll ask you some questions and update the configuration file in ‘/sw/etc/fink.conf’.
In what additional directory should Fink look for downloaded tarballs? []

langsung enter

Fink does not yet support an official set of binary packages for your currentdistribution.
=> Setting UseBinaryDist to ‘false’
The selfupdate method has not been set yet, so you are not yet being asked whether to include the “unstable” fink tree. If youare interested in the “unstable” tree, first run “fink selfupdate” and then run “fink configure” again.
(1) Quiet (do not show download statistics)(2) Low (do not show tarballs being expanded)(3) Medium (will show almost everything)(4) High (will show everything)
How verbose should Fink be? [2]

pilih 4

Proxy/Firewall settingsEnter the URL of the HTTP proxy to use, or ‘none’ for no proxy. The URL should start with http:// and may contain username,password, and/or port specifications. Note that this value will be visible to all users on your computer.Example, http://username:password@hostname:portYourproxy: [none]

langsung enter (2 kali)

Use passive mode FTP transfers (to get through a firewall)? [Y/n]


Mirror selection
The Fink team maintains mirrors known as “Master” mirrors, which contain the sources for all fink packages. You can choose touse these mirrors first, last, never, or mixed in with regular mirrors. If you don’t care, just select the default.
(1) Search “Master” source mirrors first.(2) Search “Master” source mirrors last.(3) Never use “Master” source mirrors.(4) Search closest source mirrors first. (combine all mirrors into one set)
What mirror order should fink use when downloading sources? [1]


Choose a continent:
(1) Africa(2) Asia(3) Australia(4) Europe(5) North America(6) South America, Middle America and Caribbean
Your continent? [2]

then choose your country

Choose a mirror for ‘Master Fink mirrors’:
(1) Primary: http://distfiles.master.finkmirrors.net/(2) Japan: http://distfiles.hnd.jp.asi.finkmirrors.net/
Mirror for Master Fink mirrors? [1]

There will be several question about mirror choosing. Always choose the “primary” one (number 1)

Last mirror choosing is:

Choose a mirror for ‘The Apache Project’:
(1) Primary: http://www.apache.org/dist(2) Japan: ftp://ftp.kddilabs.jp/infosystems/apache(3) Japan:ftp://ftp.meisei-u.ac.jp/pub/www/apache/dist(4) Japan: ftp://ftp.riken.jp/net/apache(5) Japan: http://ftp.kddilabs.jp/infosystems/apache(6) Japan: http://ftp.riken.jp/net/apache(7) Japan: http://www.meisei-u.ac.jp/mirror/apache/dist
Mirror for The Apache Project? [1]

And then it will look like installing something.


Mirror selection
Default answer will be chosen in 60 seconds…The list of possible mirrors in fink has been updated. Do you want to review and change your choices? [y/N]

you can just let it, or choose N


BOOTSTRAP DONE. Cleaning up.
/bin/rm -f /sw/fink/dists/stable/main/finkinfo/base/dpkg-bootstrap.info /sw/fink/dists/stable/main/finkinfo/base/dpkg-bootstrap.patch /sw/fink/dists/stable/main/finkinfo/base/perl588-bootstrap.info/sw/bin/fink scanpackagesUpdating the list of locally available binary packages.Scanning dists/local/main/binary-darwin-i386Scanning dists/stable/main/binary-darwin-i386Scanning dists/stable/crypto/binary-darwin-i386
You should now have a working Fink installation in ‘/sw’. You still need package descriptions if you want to compile packagesyourself. You can get them by running the command ‘fink selfupdate’.
Run ‘. /sw/bin/init.sh’ to set up this terminal session environment to use Fink. To make the software installed by Finkavailable in all of your future terminal shells, add ‘. /sw/bin/init.sh’ to the init script ‘.profile’ or ‘.bash_profile’ inyour home directory. The program /sw/bin/pathsetup.sh can help with this. Enjoy.

Habis itu..

# sudo fink selfupdate

Selesai deh upgrade fink nya!

bisa tinggal ketik “fink” aja, dan mulai bbrp command fink *masih belajar mode*

Thenn.. to install GMT:

# fink install gmt

done! 🙂

now I have updated version of GMT; 4.2.0