Today is the first Crustal Deformation Seminar in Fall Semester 2008. This seminar is a weekly progress seminar of every member in Dynamic group of Earth and Planetary Dynamics, Nagoya University. I enjoy this weekly meeting because here we can share our study, discuss and also motivated us to produce something even small in every week. One more thing is that other member`s presentation could inspire us of something. This morning, my professor presented his visit to Victoria University, New Zealand. New Zealand is located between Pacific Plate and Australian Plate, and the plate is going underneath the New Zealand, making this region very active! Like Japan, New Zealand has installed many GPS Station and Seismic network to observed its geodynamics. Inspiring things for me is that They put all information in a GIS web base, http://www.geonet.org.nz/

They event share the data as well!

I think their research is very, very useful for human life and research life!!

Hope Indonesia could do the same thing one day,, Bakosurtanal, ITB, semangaaaatttttt!!!! ^_^